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Subject: Getting married as a resident
  I am Brit currently filing for my Canadian citizenship after having being a resident here for 5 years and should have my citizenship by June. My American fiance and I are expecting a baby and intend to get married very soon. She is here in Canada right now as a student but will be returning to the US to have the baby.
My question is whether or not to wait for my citizenship to come through before we actually get married. Would there be any benefits to us waiting or would it make no real difference if we could do it right now? Our long term plan is to move back down to the states but we would definately like to keep our options open with me having Canadian citizenship. She will be coming back to Canada with the baby for as long as it takes for me to get my American green card. Another thing I was wondering was whether or not it would make a difference where we got married- either here or the US- Bearing in mind my ultimate goal is to get a green card so I can be with them and her family down there..

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