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Subject: living in canada working abroad
  Hi guys,

My family and I would like to move to Canada temporary. I work in the oil business and will continue to work in another country with my present employer. We would like the kids to go to school in Canada and are looking to stay for several years. Would I qualify for temporary residence or can I apply as skilled worker with pre arranged employment (quasi my present employer).

Any suggestions anyone.


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From my understanding, it does not quite work that way.

you can apply to immigrate as Skilled workers, bring your family and then you can elect to work outside the country. You would be required to maintain the standards of residency. 2 year out of 5 for yourself.

or... you apply for a work permit or Provincial nominee and come with your family. That would mean your working in Canada is the conditional aspect of the permit which would mean working out of the country is not optional.

Canada is not too fond of educating the world without any compensation.

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Thanks for your reply.

But can I use my present employment, which I intend to maintain as "employment offer" in my skilled worker applicaton?

The residency standars are not an issue, I will be in the country for more than 180 days a year. And I have no problem paying taxes in canada, I have to do that in my current counrty of residence as well.

Countries like the UK and France have special residence permits for workers like that. Does Canada also have such an option? I have tried to research that but no such luck.

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yes, I think you can.
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