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  1. I am a Paksitani Citizen and applied for Canadian immigration in 1996 from LA, CA,
USA (for myself + wife) while I was working on H-1 Visa there, and wife was on H-4
(dependent of H-1) status

2. After due process my wife and I were granted landing papers in 1996

3. We landed to Vancouver British Columbia in Sep 1996 by road via Seattle &
went thru the the immigration process at the border there

4. We applied and got the British Columibia´s ID, and also Socical Security Card

5. Also opened an account in Canada Trust Bank with some initial balance
but afterward did not operate

6. After having these things We came back to USA in same month by road
(without our passports being stamped by US or canadian immigration)
as my job was in USA

7. In Nov 1996, due to some unavoidable circumstances at backhome (Paksitan)
we moved back to Pakistan from USA

8. Since then we have we have three kids (born in Pakistan)
in 1997, 2000 and 2003 respectively

9. Due to changed circumstances, we plan to permanently move to Canada

My Question is:

1. Is there any way to re-activate the my residency,
or DO I NEED to apply fresh? (The wait time is 36 months from Pakistan)


a qadir
(in reply to: DO I NEED TO RE_APPLY FOR PR)
Understand I am no expert at this, but the basic rule is that to retain your permanent residency you must be present in Canada for at least 2 of every five years. Check out the CIC website for more detailed information. From the information you give, it is pretty clear you have not been. There are exceptions, though so read through the information on the CIC webstie carefully or consult a qualified immigration attorney.

Even if you can get around the two year residency rule, permanent residency must be renewed every five years (and every time it is renewed you must show 2 years´ presence in Canada). Given that more than 5 years have passed and you evidently did not renew your permanent residency, I´d say you lost it and have to reapply. But that´s just my two cents.

Re-application (in reply to: DO I NEED TO RE_APPLY FOR PR)
I think that the old rule applies in this case. You would have been considered to have abandoned your residency by being out of the country for more than six months. There were some exceptions to the rule, however, I don´t think it´s applicable in your case.

I think for all intent and purpose, you have to re-apply under the new rules, with new point system.

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