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Subject: Spouce Sponsorship
Just a quick one, I am a canadian citizen. I have sponsor my wife on September 25th, 2004. So far, case has been approved from Canada on October 15th, and my wife has already received an aknowlegdement letter from Islamabad, Pakistan, on October 25th. My Question is regarding processing time, When should I expect a decision from Islamabad. Thanks very much.

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Sorry for the repeated empty reply. Hit the button twice.

Here´s the link to the CIC website that let´s you know the processing time.


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HI, Regarding my mom citizenship, I have applied for her citizenship last year November, and received the test letter sceduling for first week of November. which was missed. Second test was schedule on last week of november. Unfortunately, She was out of country at that time.
Although, I have already sent a letter explaining her absence. Now, I would like to know if I have to re-apply for the test what should I do and how long would it take. Would it involve any additional step in process.

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Received a letter, requesting additional document from Islamabad, pakistan. I was wondering that after submitting requested document, when should my wife expect a response from the immigration. and whether she still have to go through an interview process.

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Once you have provided the requested docs, an ionterview will not be required. They should send the passport request in a week or two after they receive the docs you sent.

By the way, the docs they requested, did you already provide them when you applied. Sometimes, they ask for the same docs again.

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Documents were submitted at the time to application submittion. It seems Police clearence certificate may have got expired, as those are valid for 6 months. Would they call for an interview, for sure.
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If they wanted to interview your wife, they would have asked for it already. If they only asked for a document, that´s all they need. They usually don´t interview wifes. It´s the husband who get stuck with interview.

If you provided the updated Police certificate, that´´s it. They will send you the Passport request soon. Keep us updated on your timeline and wish you good luck.

By the way, I am in a similar position. Islamabad started processing my Wife´s file on Dec 6. No response yet. Looking at your timeline, my wife should see a letter by Apr 6.

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Thank you very much!!!. I hope you are correct, Inshaallh!!!
I will update my post, for sure.

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Hope your wife received something from the embassy after sending docs.

Want to let you know that my wife received request for Passport on 5 April. Islamabad started processing on Dec 6. So it took 4 months for them to send request for Passport. It will probably take them 10 days to send the passport back with visa.

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