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Subject: I am done (part 2)
Oh, Sharon,
Please don´t go, we need you here.

Donna B.
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I totally understand Sharon´s decision. When I first started reading this forum about 6 or so weeks ago, I was totally addicted. The last couple of weeks have been nasty and completely unproductive. In fact, I would say that since I have been on this forum, reading about all the immigration nightmares and bearing with the atrocious grammar, it´s made me more frustrated about my own situation. I come and see what´s on the forum much less now as it´s not worth the anguish.

I too am a Canadian citizen, raised here since the age of 2. I can assure you all that there is no such thing as paradise on this earth, but Canada is a pretty darn good place compared to many other countries. I love this country and hate the fact that the few bad apples we attract who come to sponge off the system and do nothing but complain, ruin it for the rest of us folks who just want to make a good life for ourselves and our families.

Sharon, I think it is safe to say that for everyone 1 bad apple, there are 99 good apples. Please reconsider your decision when you feel ready. Maybe in a couple of weeks, the atmosphere of the forum will adjust in a positive manner.

Thank you for all your contributions. You are one decent, intelligent, straightforward and patriotic Canadian.

Come back (in reply to: I am done (part 2))
That´s right,
I will quote Wondering, Sharon you are:
"You are one decent, intelligent, straightforward and patriotic Canadian".

Good work,
Hope to see you back, not only because you helped so many people but because I read all your comments and I enjoy reading them, they are just like reading a really interesting book.

An Immigrant

An Immigrant
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thanks to many of you for your kind words. Wondering has captured my feelings perfectly. It is very hard not to take something you care about personally or feel betrayed when you get slapped for trying to be helpful.

I am going to continue with my bail out plan. Perhaps it will give me some enthusiasm to return at a later date.

My comments are nothing special so I have no doubts that everyones questions will get satisfactory answers. Cheers.

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Please re-consider coming back. If there is a person I want to inform about the end of my immigration process or my visitor´s visa, whichever comes first, that person is you!!! I mean, you have been supportive to me and many others.

Of course, you don´t deserve all that crazy stuff. Just ignore those who just want to see you leave this place. Please, don´t satisfy their desires.

Good luck Sharon!

Who cares??? (in reply to: I am done (part 2))
Do You know dear Sharon?? I always found this forum a bit negative but maybe you should be a little bit more mature and stay here. Who cares what they say?? If you leave this forum there won´t be anybody to cause controversy. You are like Madonna ....Let me tell you that I do not agree all the times with the things you say but some other times I do agree with you. Maybe you should stay away for a period of let´s say...100 years??? and after that brake you may reconsider to be back!!!!( I am just kiddind) No, maybe it would be good for you to take the amount of time you want to rekindle yourself ..
If you leave we will miss our Immigration Officer!!!

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Dear Sharon,

I am very sorry for what happened to you. But I can understand the way you feel. When we do our best to help other and we are rewarded the way you were, it is very frustating. Specially that some persons were really impolite and arrogant. It is something not to agree with somebody, but at least one should answer in a civilize way.

Some people were looking for your answer. I was one of them. When I saw "I am done", I thought that your fiance has received his PR. I was very sad for you that "I am done" did not refer to that. Anyway, please let us inform us. Now that my case is complete, I am hoping that yours will have an happy end very soon. I will rejoice with you when it will arrive.

Good luck

Less worried husband
Just advice.... (in reply to: I am done (part 2))
Sharon: I consider that your only one mistake was that sometimes you spoke as an immigration officer. You can be upfront and realistic but you don´t need to be judgmental.
By the other hand, I must admit that many ways your advice was really humanitarian and it was very well intentioned. Anyways I really appreciate your time and dedication.

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As I said before... 3 days and no one will remmember who Sharon was... Remmember it´s beacuse of this forum we all come here... not for one person... no one is more than others... perhaphs that is the divine fall that all get to... when they consider themselves more equal than others...

Keep to the point dude... if lil sis want´s is as she does (she had vowed never to be back)... but can´t resist the temptation... will be around... answering as U know who???

Liu Li
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I´ve read your comments and advice on this forum over the past couple of months. I´m now landed in Canada partially because I followed your suggestion in a crucial stage of my immigration process.

I believe that this forum is suffering from the same thing as many other open discussion forums where you can post anonymously; it is easy and comfortable to sit at home and be a jerk when you know they won´t find out who you are. Some of the comments are just so unbelievable rude and crude it scares me.

I think you have provided good advice and in many cases really gone the lengths to find information to a question. I hope you and your fianc? will be together soon and I wish you all the best.

Who is Sharon??? (in reply to: I am done (part 2))
Hi guys I am new to this forum, Can you explain me who is Sharon??
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Sharon is a nice lady who worked hard to contribute to this forum. She knew a lot and answered many questions.