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  I am a student in canada... a Indian Citizen ... am seeking F1 Visa for Spring 2005.... what can be expected questions.... I have two admissions in US... have real brother and real sister also in US... have excellent academic background ... also had admission in yet another univ when I came to Canada but did not go there because it was not a good ranking univ... right now I have offer from a 50th Rank univ and a 76th Rank univ...
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How many Univ. did you get admitted into?
(You should ideally have I20 from 4 or 5 Univs)
Why do you want to join this particular univ.?
(If you are interested in a particular course offered)
Your scores in GRE, GMAT OR SAT?
Will you go back to India after completing your education?
Scope of your education in India?
How will you pay for education?
What if your brother/sister asks you to stay back in US?
(NO, NO, NO)
What if you get a job after completing education?

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