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Subject: Hydrocephalus Need help
  I am 26/m/Asian , I got married with canadain in 4 days in India, After coming i stayed with my wife for a motth then i moved to toronto because i got job, She was once stressed home back and she was hospitalized i went to see her and I found that she has Hydrocephalus(Water in her brain at the time of birth) There is no sign of treatement in the report.
She is adversly effected and i found so many daily living problems in her. Now she is not with me from 4 months.
What should I do, If i take divorce will I loose my PR status, Please help I dont have any relatives or friends here

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If you really love your wife, you should be at her side supporting her. She needs you very much.

Regarding your PR status, I don´t think you will lose it. Don´t worry about that, worry about your wife´s health.

Good luck.

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Under normal circumstances, I usually refrain from commenting on personal situation, other than if it´s immigration related. But in your case, I can´t help but make the following observation.

Your wife is sick, and in her hour of need, you have chosen to abandon her. Given the situation, I don´t think that people would like to help you out, even if they know the answer.

My sympathies are with your wife

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has she begun the sponsorship process? if not you are likely out of luck. without her you have no status beyond your temporary permit. guess you will have to find another way into the country.
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Have you forgotten your marriage vows?
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there is a treatment for this condition. it depends on what exact condition your spouse is in but it might just involve implanting a valve to control the CSF flow. there are recent awareness especially with NPH, a kind of hydrocephalus. I know of a medical company specializing in neurosurgical implants such as this. check out their website and consult your neurosurgeon about the specifics. hope this helps.

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Help your wife, no matter what happens with you but morally you are liable to help her in this situation. I understand that you might feel little discomfort and uneasy with this situation, but remember God create us to help our fellow beings.

I don?t have any idea how she stands in such circumstances, perhaps she get good doctors and medicine, but what is important for her is your presence and love. Don?t loss this time, keep pray for her and remember God says ?May be you don?t like one thing in your spouse but We keep something good for you?

We all pray your wife and your carriers

Salman Ahmed Qureshi
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dear sir/mam

My 2 year baby was suffering from hydrocephalus and he was operated when he was 1 month old , now he is okay and leading normal life. we have applied for canada immigration and in his medical they asked further re-medical
examination. can my file be refused? or does only dependent applicant got refusal?

rahul sharma
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