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Subject: Hi.. I went in for my ´in-canada spou...
I went in for my ´in-canada spousal´ landing interview today...and a funny thing happened.

I was given the wrong landing document to take home. The officer called me up at home and asked me to come over there again to return the document and get the right one. Funny..:)

Otherwise, the whole process was a breeze. Took about 30 minutes(waiting for about 25 minutes and the actual process about 5 minutes)...nothing asked except a half-hearted question about criminal convictions and whether u live at the specified address. Then a few explanations are provided and a ´congratulation´ thrown in. You can go in there in your pyjamas and no one would bat an eyelid.

All you need to take with you is your passport...and two photographs while your sponsor can take any ID. The sponsor is asked nothing.
Don´t panic if you are late(as long as you get there). They will call you again if they missed you first time. Altogethr, there were about 12 couples called for the ´interview´.

So, basically, it´s not an interview but just a formality. Enjoy it..:)

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My husband does´nt have a passport! Now what do we do? We are also getting ready to start the ´in Canada spousal´ route. We are both currently in Canada and he is a US citizen.
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