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Subject: After medicals....
Does anyone know how long it takes to hear from CHC London after you´ve had your medical? I had my medical in February (1st) but was wonderng how much longer I have to wait?

Worried if I´ve not made the medical...


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Hi, We are also processing through London....Our application landed in London on January the 4th and our passport was requested April 7th. I can only give you a layman´s opinion about the medicals. My understanding with the doctor that we used was if there was anything in the medical that was a problem, they would let us know. Now, is this a case where you sent the application to Mississauga and then later on did the medical? That might explain a few things. Some people do that, to spread out the cost of all of this or why shell out all the money if your not going to get sponsorship? Some people do that. I am not sure if my questions are helping!

This is a website

Where all of us are at various staging of getting things done through the London HC. You might get answers to your questions there as we are all going through London.

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This is another web site you can go to to track the progress of what is happening in London.

Is this a spouse visa?


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