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Subject: Points for Relatives -- Roy / Sharon
  Posted - April 16 2007 : 12:05:51

Hi Guys,

I have applied for Skilled base Canadin immigration from Buffalo.

Mine is a border line case, if i Don´t get points for relatives in Canada i will be having 64 points which is less then 67 points.

Now while filing my application i have submitted passport copies and date of birth of my cousin sister who is Canadian citizen.

She is daughter of my fathers elder brother (Taya ji), so my first cousin.

Will i get 5 points of relatives by submitting above documents or do i need to submit any other documents ?

I have done 4 years Bachelor of Engineering in Computers.
So should i expect 20 or 22 points for that.

Thanks in advance.

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You will only get points for close relatives...brother, sister, aunt, uncle, grand parents. Cousins are not considered close relatives.

Go to cic.gc.ca and do a self assessment test. You will know if you are eligible or not.

Almost Perfect!!
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