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Subject: spousal passport?

I am a canadian citizen and my husband is a us citizen. We just got married (living in canada). He does not currently hold a us passport and has never had one. Does he need a passport for his pr interview? I read on the US passport website that first time passport applications need to be done in person. If he does need one, can he leave Canada to go get a US passport?
I was´nt thinking that he needed a passport until I read a question on here about going for the interview and showing a passport. Now I am all worried because he does´nt have one.

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I am not an expert in these matters but I believe that a birth certficate will also do. But I suggest you confirm that with immigration.(I am just referring o the ´landing interview´ here.

Anywayz, keep in mind that it might take upto 15 months for the ´in-canada´ spousal application. Why don´t you guys apply from US? I think it takes less than 3 months for ´out-of-country´ applications.

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Regarding his leaving Canada to get his US passport; Yes, he can leave.
Almost Perfect!!
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Yes, he can leave.
The question is can he re-enter Canada?

It would be "safer" if he can apply for a US Passport at the US Embassy here in Canada.

The risk of leaving is that depending of who´s in the shift, he/she might refuse his entry since he doesn´t have intentions of staying in Canada on temporary basis and he is not yet a PR.

Check with the US Embassy if a Passport can be requested from outside of the US. You can also contact CIC and find out if his visitor record and a proof of US citizenship along with a picture ID is enough. (It was to cross the border)

Just something to think about.

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