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Subject: Candaian relative left Canada-- UNIDEN/ ROY
  Thank you Roy! Yes Uniden, you give nice pieces of info. just as many others here do to help people without any gain of any kind. Most people who get responses do not even say a ´thank you´! But you can´t just go on and bluntly say "you are wrong" to anyone who has different answers from you.

Apart from everybodyelse, I appreciate Roy´s inputs. I mean he is the Immigration Consultant and still spends time here to give free advises.

I understand where you come from when you say others are wrong-- The CIC website. But do not underestimate somebody´s experience. No one here preaches to violate the manuals- period!

CIC manuals are the best to refer to but people come here when they either misunderstand or do not find information there. If there is something the CIC book missed, then definitely experience can be utilized to help people.

Its your choice you stay on this forum or not; but those who do stay really only want to help people.

Remember, a few days ago, you said to write some deadline on the envelope( even a phony one) to receive FBI results? Compare some of the issues here to that and you´ll know why people suggest the things they do.

Good Luck!

Almost Perfect!!
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Everyone makes mistakes sometimes - including Roy.

Assuming there is no options beyond the CIC manual is the appropriate way to plan - if you want to take your chances in the grey zone... fine but do not assume that you will have success.

Around this forum people look for iron clad answers. Uniden was offering just that. Roy was shedding light on the grey. It may not always work. This is a free immigration forum. The information is useful but I have seen endless advise given as fact that has been so wrong it is scary. So don´t assume the answer is correct based on who signed the post. People have been known to say they are Roy or Uniden or Sharon just for sport.

In the end... we are responsible to do our own investigation - and then decide our tolerance for risk.

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Agreed! We are responsible to do our own investigation. People come here because they either do not find something on the CIC or they do not understand it properly. This forum helped me more than the CIC and because I followed certain advises, I achieved what I wanted. Its upto people to take or leave advises. This forum is not to direct people to refer to CIC. This is to clarify the issues not properly presented elsewhere.

Finally everyone is asked to refer the CIC mostly. And I generally say its my experience if it really is or I quote from other´s posts and do not claim those to be mine.

I came to this forum not to be directed to CIC but to learn from people´s experiences and try and follow those. I did find success and I did not violate the rules. I followed those in a proper manner which I did not understand before!

As a regular on this post in the past few months, I noticed a lot of people leave once they get their answers. The only ones to remain are Roy, Sharon, Anonymous and Almost Perfect!!

No offence to anyone, this post mostly refers to personal experience.

Almost Perfect!!
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UNIDEN WAS RIGHT and so is Sharon and Almost Perfect.

I am not angry in any way shape or form with anyone and signed off by saying RESPECT. Uniden learned from things he learned on this forum and from me pointing out how to find the Immigration Manuals about his original OWN concerns.

UNIDEN was right! PERIOD

Any time a person posts a question persons try to answer the post BASED on the question. Questions here have very limited information.

I was responding to the fact that your brother left two weeks ago----two weeks ago and where does he normally reside? He lived in Canada for 30 years and moved two weeks ago. The post never really said that.

My best answers are in the morning when I´m awake and at my best. After a long day fighting Immigration sometimes I do not read the whole posting.

Any 25-30 year old can move to the States to have a higher paying job and be back in another couple weeks because what he thought his new life would be never materialized.

I would gladly offer Uniden a position with my company and have offerred UNIDEN a position with my company. I have never met the person but respect the amount of time he spends looking things up.

I fire from my memory and YES I´m human and make mistakes.

I make money by finding loopholes around the Manuals. The past week I´m beyond exhausted and never really read the whole posting. CIC does not DEMAND proof of residency of any brother who is a Canadian. You are to tell the truth on all forms.


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No one is angry. There is no reason to get angry! Everyone here shares his/her views/experiences. Those are sometimes personal experiences and sometimes exact definitions from the CIC.

No one is totally right or wrong here. But we post the possible ways to get through our issues. Most people who are here are not Immgration experts but those seeking immigration and may need some kind of guidance. I am one of them. And I am willing to take somebody else´s advise if he/she did it and got it right...especially if I do not find any other way!

However, I will stay here long and try to help as many desperate, needy people as I can just due to the fact that I received help from this site.

I do have respect for everyone who spends one´s valuable time to share thier views so others can be at peace.

Almost Perfect!!
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