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Subject: Stay outside canada
  Hi Almost Perfect,

Thanks for your response. really appreciated.

1. Can you provide me with link about the 2 continous stay?
2. My email address is srip9(at)yahoo(dot)com.
3. Have you been asked by the immigration/customs to show physically the funds at the border?

Thanks again,


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Check this out:

ALso it is a word of mouth from experience of friends and family.

I havent landed yet but I know IF the Immigration officers ask you, you must show them proof of funds required. You cant show them less than the required amount.

A friend of mine was not asked to show but he took the required funds just in case...

I hope I answered your questions.

Good Luck

Almost Perfect!!
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The CBSA/CIC officer has the authority to ask and "see" the funds prior authorizing a person to enter Canada.

Returning Resident Permit (in reply to: Stay outside canada)
Thanks Almost Perfect and Bill for your response.

Please see question (After landing in Canada, what if I need to return to my country to settle my affairs?)
) in the link:

and advise your opinion:

Do I require Travel Dcoument after landing in Canada if I need to return to US to complete the remaining H1B time(two years left)?



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