Police Certificates of USA ????

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Subject: Police Certificates of USA ????
  Hi All Experts,

I have one more doubt.

Do i need to submit the police certificate of USA along with my application ??

Or i just need to take fingerprints and then i can mail my fingerprints to FBI later when i am asked for USA Police Certificate ???

I am planning to leave USA after applying for Immigration.

Looking forward to ur replies....



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We submitted one when we applied, but we had to submit another one at the time of PR approval since the first one was submitted a year before. It depends on processing time and your situation. I think you can still start the process without finger prints and can submit when the application gets closer to approval.
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My file currently has been transfered to LA, I belive they would send a letter requesting for Medicals as well as an FBI and Police clearence from your home town...Can I do either or both before the letter reaches me, are they are risks involved.
FBI fingerprint help (in reply to: Police Certificates of USA ????)
Anyone have received the FBI fingerprint card recently?
Please email me I have few questions : stelen123@centrum.sk
Thanks a lot

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no use if your processing time is more than 6 months or 1 year after application. Wait till tthey ask you for FBI clearance.


You can get the FBI finger print cards at any Police station if you reside in the US. I have a bunch of cards I bought but I live in the Middle East not US.

You can ask your questions here. There are many experts on this forum

Almost Perfect!!
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My experience is that you are required to submit all police clearance certificates at the time of submission.

If they ask again the US one at a later the stage, yes there is no use to submit now as Almost perfect correctly says. It is your choice

Almost Perfect (in reply to: Police Certificates of USA ????)
Can you please email me? I preffer via email then here..


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I have a simple question.
I lived in Ohio for two years and them moved to Texas for another four years. Does it mean that I need a separate police certificate from each states?polices plus the FBI certificate?
Thank to any quick responce!

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