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Subject: Please help. :(

I have just been informed by my Canadian immigration lawyer that I have been asked to submit my PASSPORT and photo to get CANADA PR stamp on it. I applied from Australia.

My question is how long can the consulate give me to postpone stamping the PR in my passport. I am currently working here and am exactly not willing to quit work right away. And when does the rule of staying at Canada for 2years out of 5 years start? Does it start from the date of stamping PR in the passport or the date I land in Canada? How long will I get to land to Canada after getting the PR stamp in passport?

Please please help
Thank you in advance

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You can delay submitting your passport to some extent. It depends on the period that the visa office has stated in the letter. Later on you can try asking for some extra time but remember your medicals are only valid for one year. The rule of staying in Canada starts when you land as a PR.You will get same time as your medicals are valid for. For e.g. if your medicals are valid for 6 more months then you will have 6 months to land.
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Agreed totally with Anonymous. It doesnt matter when you send your passport for Visa stamping. Your visa will be valid for the period of your Medicals.

Also remember, if your medicals/visa expires before you land in Canada, you should reapply for Canada immigration with the current rules and fees as a fresh applicant.

Also remember your passport should be valid or visa will expire with the expiry of passport.

You dont have to quit your job to land in Canada. You may request leave for a week or 2 and finish the landing formalities in Canada. You can come back to Canada when you are ready.

The 2/5 year period starts after landing.

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