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Subject: E-client status - Frustrated
  I see no change in my E client status for last 4 months, My file got transfered to detroit on Jan 2 & that´s it , it says detroit office will contact you

After that i received medicals in
March , medicals done & sent April 10

But e client status is same, i wonder if they every work on that

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Do not worry - in my case only when I received my passports with visa did my e-status change to decision made.
The detroit office may contact was the message for over a year all the while my case was being processed I had interview medicals etc during this time.

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My e-status was "In process" for first 12 months
then "File moved to Detroit office. They may contat you" - "In process next 12 months. I have my immigration visa on my passport.
Only recently my status changed to "Decision made"

Immigration is the reward of patience...hehe

Almost Perfect!!
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