inquiry abt. temporyworking visa.

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Subject: inquiry abt. temporyworking visa.
  My employers are both nurse and they hired as a live in care giver to be sure that her mother is in good hand while they are away at work. they need me as soon as possible due to her mother present heart condition. doctors find out that her mothers heart is very weak and she need someone to look after her in her daily living to assist her physical needs. can you please help me if there is possibility things that i could do to have a working visa as soon as possible? I want to start working as soon as possible because the old lady in poor condition is my loving grand mother.

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i cant understand what u want?
ur employers are both nurses, and her mother has a heart condition? whose mother? their mother? and u r their mother´s grandaughter, so u are their daughter?
and what is ur citizenship.? r u living in canada?
or visiting on a TRV? provide details so u can get answers

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my aunt is living in canada and she found an employer for me for the position of a health care aide. the employer send me already the contract and labour market opinion from canada, and i am a resident of uae right now, but i am a filipino national. one of their requirements is a police clearance,do i have to get also from the philippines if i already have police clearance from u.a.e?
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my visa is expired on august 30 2010 can i go home in the philippines on april24 ang go back on may line of 2
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