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Subject: update on the Chinese lady deportation

Recently you have asked all of us to write to the minister for compassion in the case of the Chinese lady with a baby.

Can you update us on what happened ? Is she still in Canada

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Hmm...I thought about her only 2 days ago...But then I remembered it is a queation of immigration. It will take months...;)
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Hi All

The issue with Hong Zhang and her Canadian child Sherry is the way that CIC delays making a decision in regards to certain applications.

The way that the government takes the application fees for hundreds of thousands of H&C applicants then never renders a decision!

The issue is humanitarian and compassionate factors have to be based on the applicants personal circumstances. IP5 section 5.1 departmental policy.

That the unusual and undeserved hardship further defined in IP5 section 6.7 has to be a hardship NOT anticpated by the Act and the Regulations or section 6.8 a disproportionate hardship.

Prompt processing is an objective of the IRPA (act) and is what is anticipated so if Vegreville takes four months to even open an application. Then they hold onto it for normally another six. If they see that a PRRA or removal is coming soon they will immediately transfer the file to the local office where the whole waiting game starts a new.

Now TWO or Three years to decide whether an applicant has H&C factors has become the normal processing times. Who would buy a sofa/couch for a Thousand dollars and wait 36 months for delivery when the furniture store advertises prompt delivery?

This is such a fitting question especially with the actions of illegal immigrants and their supporters in the USA today.


Hong Zhang has applied for a Passport for little Sherry but we have not received it as of yet. Then we are suppose to go to the Chinese consulate with the PPT to get the Canadian child a a visitor visa to China or at least show that we applied.

Why any government would issue a Visitor Visa to a child who will not be a visitor is something the Removals officer could not explain and he also didn´t know that Canadian´s need visitor visa´s to China.

All this will explode again March 14th 2007 when we have to go to the removals Unit.


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March 14 2007 is over Roy!! Now where is the update? :)
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Yes what is the update ?

If she applied for visa for her daughter, does she mean she went back to China with her ?

I means where is she now ?

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May 14th 2007 not awake this morning


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