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Subject: Landing question
  I´ve been approved and mailed by passport to the consulate. I´m a US citizen sponsored by my Canadian spouse. Application filed mid-Feb 2007.

When I land do I have to stay until I get my permanent resident card, or can I return for my possessions quickly?

This post says that I can U-turn right a way, but I´d like to double check that since I´ve heard otherwise in the past.

My spouse´s place isn´t large enough for all my junk. We need to shop for a new place before I can move in.

So can I drive up and look at places using my birth certificate before landing, or do I have to show my passport and land on my next visit? If I have to land on my next visit, and won´t be able to return for a while, I´d be a pain to move all my possessions at the same time.

Also, I was talking to a US customs agent after my last visit (random search). He said I have to export my car and gave me a number to fax the title to. I do have to go through that procedure too, right?


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You can return to the US directly after landing; there should be no problem there. I´m not sure if you can go up before landing, but I think I´ve read that you can. Hopefully someone with experience can clarify that.

You will have to export/import your car, but you do not have to do it when you land. Make certain your car is listed on your goods to follow list so you won´t be taxed on it when you do import it.

If you do return to the US before you receive your PR cards (usually a couple of weeks), you can use your COPR (which will be stapled into your passport) when you cross the border again, as long as you are driving. I´ve done this with no problem from border control.

I hope this helps!

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