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Subject: Information Requested
  I am a Permanent Residence of Canada and I have submitted sponsorship documents for sponsorship of my husband from Trinidad. I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba with my husbands uncle and aunt and their 2 children.

The documents were received at Mississauga on April 12th 2007 and I had to leave Canada under short notice because of some urgent family matters in Trinidad. The Mississauga Office contacted my aunt and uncle in Canada where I live but I had already left for Trinidad. I left Canada on the 24th April 2007(ticket was booked on the 23rd April 2007)

I would like to know how I can get an e mail or letter to them in Mississauga detailing my temporary mailing address and other contact information here in Trinidad in case of any queries. I have just submitted the sponsorship documnets so I do not have a file number as yet and as such I cannot send any information via the web site.

Could you please guide me accordingly?

Thank you

Niala Sookhoo

Niala Sookhoo
(in reply to: Information Requested)
You can send them an e-mail stating that you left Canada for a short period and will return soon. Until then you can have the same address of correspondence as your uncle´s.
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E mail Address (in reply to: Information Requested)
I have searched everywhere and I have not gotten an e mail address for them. The only e mail I have is :

Is that the address where I have to send the email?

Niala Sookhoo
Immigration information (in reply to: Information Requested)
I have faxed the information for my temporary address in Trinidad and they have still called my uncle in law in Canada to get information on when I will be returning. I do not have an exact date as yet for return but i need to get the information to them again.

As I said I did not get a file number as yet so I cannot go to the site to put in an address change or any other information.

Please guide me accordingly

Niala Sookhoo
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