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Subject: waiting for pp request
  I was asked to send landing fees along with my medicals in March 2006 by Buffalo office. Later when I enquired in November I was informed that they are requesting background information from other government offices, since then I am getting same reply. CAIPS have no information about it and my medicals were ok. Can anyone pls advise how long it can take more and is there anything i can do to expedite the process ? will i get medicals again, since its over a year now.


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Medical examinations expire after a year... So you will be asked to take the tests again. I am surprised to hear it took the CIC so long... My medicals were done in September 2006 and Passport stamped in March...

Good Luck. You must send the CIC e-mail or try to get some info from them...

Almost Perfect!!
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Is your name common? It shouldn´t take that long unless your name is very common.
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yes, Alex, my first name and last name both are very common.
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Well, in this case, security check may take very long time. If your name is something like "John Smith", "Amit Patel" or "Guarav Singh", then all you can do, unfortunately, is wait!
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well, Alex I sent my finger prints along with my RCMP clearance. Still they would do name check ? My CAIPS says, name is common so finger print check is required, which I did in November 2006.
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Security check is different from police clearence. During the security check process, the CIC exchanges your information with the Interpol and other agencies to make sure that you have not involved in any illegal activites around the world.

If your name is common, then chances are there is at least one person with simialr name to yours and convicted for some crimes somewhere around th world. Verifying that you are not that person may take long time!

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Thanks Alex for this useful information. I hope this security check will be completed within this year.
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