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  Hi Almost Perfect & anyone else who can help me with my query,

I just got my IA letter. They?ve asked me for my updated FBI clearance. I saw on an earlier post that you said that there?s a faster way of getting the FBI clearance done. Please do inform me as to what is the fastest way of getting the FBI clearance, so that getting the PR is not delayed.

Thanks in advance for your responses.


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Stop your worries regarding the long processing times to get the FI clearance. There are a few things which you should do to get the FBI clearance soon.

1. Get the finger prints taken at an authorized office
2. Make sure you write a deadline on the envelope when you send your finger prints for clearance. If there is no deadline, you may write the date which comes a month after you mail your finger print request.
3. It is very important to mail the request by a service which you can track.
4. Track the shipment and after it has been received at the docking station, send an e-mail to the FBI office requesting an expedited service with the deadline. Include your name, tracking number, receiver?s name, date on which it was received.
5. Their e-mail address is
6. The last and the most important thing: DO NOT FORGET TO THANK ME AFTER YOU RECEIVE THE RESULTS IN 10 DAYS.

Good Luck ;)

Almost Perfect!!
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Thank you Almost Perfect for your prompt response & advise. I will follow your advice. Thanks again.
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After you have followed Almost Perfect advice, TELL US if it worked or not! Please!

I am curious about it, I may end up in the same situation next year!Thanks

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Hi Almost perfect,

I tried your steps but the email that was posted, i always received a failure notice, i think the email address now is not existing :-(

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Almost Perfect posted that information 4 years ago. Emails may have changed.
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I have sent for the prints TWICE, paid for the Courier TWICE and did not receive anything... Well sure enough I passed the deadline and am stuck. I was supposed to have my first landing done this summer and I am so devastated by this situation that I don´t know what to do next.

I just happened to read Almost Perfect´s post on here and will give this one last shot!

I would like to know if anybody THIS YEAR has followed his procedures and obtained the same results, PLEASE POST!

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