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  I have a question of the actual interpretation of "residing in Canada." While I read that a Canadian citizen on vacation is still considered to be "residing in Canada", I have been on vacation for a long time. I have lived as a visitor in the Philippines for almost six months and certainly it will be closer to 8 months when I sponsor my wife to come with me to Canada. According to 3900e, Who Can Sponsor, Pg 7, I think that I am classified as a "Canadian travelling abroad as a tourist."

I wish to know if anyone has split this hair before. At what amount of globetrotting do you no longer "reside" in Canada?

Thanks for any input,


Dan in Philippines

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It is clearly in the forms for overseas spousal sponsorship. If your residing outside of Canada when do you intend to return. You have to arrive at the same time as your partner or before.


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Thanks Roy.

I will be returning with my partner.

I guess what is confusing is the meaning of this line in the guide: "Canadians travelling abroad as tourists are not considered to be residing outside Canada."

At what point does a travelling tourist no longer reside in Canada. Is there a set time like 24 months or does it have to do with owning property in Canada?


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