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Subject: Landing for short exploratory visit

We(my husband, son, and I) received our federal PR visa a few weeks ago. We plan on moving to Ottawa in August, but I want to go the first week of June to do a little exploratory visit, try to find an apart, etc...

1. Can I go as a tourist (although my PR visa is in my passport), and not land as an immigrant yet (I´d do that with my family in August, when we come for real)? (PS: I am French an don´t need a visa to go to Canada as a tourist.)

2. I have read on this forum when I land an get ´confirmed´ as a new PR, I should provide the list of personal goods to follow and that if those good don´t arrive within 1 month, I would have to pay customs.

Since I am going for a short exploratory visit and not for good before August, I haven´t yet prepared my that a problem?


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1. I don´t think you can go to Canada now and not land, but if anyone else has other insight, I hope they share it. It is not a problem to land now and move at a later date, but the primary applicant must land first (or with the dependents). So if your husband is the primary applicant, he must either land with you, or do the "exploratory visit" before bringing the family (not to make any assumptions on who the primary applicant is! :) )

2. When you land, you must submit your Goods to Follow list. It will be stamped by customs, and everything you bring in to the country (to import) will be checked off the list when you do so. There is NO expiration date or time limit for how long you have to import your items. As long as they are on the list, they will be tax free. You MUST have this list when you land, or everything you bring in at a later time will be taxed.

I hope this helps!

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It does help. Thanks wannabecanadian. I am the primary applicant. Otherwise I´d be sending my hubby and I´d stay home with my darling little baby... :)

I guess I´ll prepare an exhaustive list (thank goodness I have one from my last international move a few years ago that I can use as a starter) and if in the end we decide to sell part of our furniture and not bring it...well, better have more on the list than less, right?

Thanks again!

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Hey Klepon, why dont you share your international moving list here...I am sure a lot of people can use it a littl...
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