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Subject: Still any chance now?
I am living in Germany for more than 10 years now, I come from Asia. During the first years here I was asylum seeking, but they refused me, so I appealed, but there was no success in sight. I married my german wife (we are married since 7 years now) and shortly after that I applied for so called "visa for family reunion" so I finally got my legal status here. 2 years later I applied for the naturalization and got the German passport.
My problem: in our application for PR (sent in Sept 05) I marked the question on the background check-form "have you been ...refused refugee status in canada or any other country...? with NO. But im the Form for personal history I indicated that I was asylum seeking in Germany. Thats all. I didnt mention anything more about it in my application. I just over looked the sense of the question on the application, i.e. the consequences..
Now I got a letter from cic berlin (finally!) and they ask for some pcc and copies of my asylum?s hearing, any decisions or appeals... I am really disappointed about it because I do not have any documents any more! After having received my German passport I destroyed every documents ref my asylum-seeking-time. I asked at the office where I got my german ID if they would need any documents of it but they denied and told me that this file "Asylum" has been closed, as if it never existed, because my status was changed by my application for the visa for family reunion. The years of asylum seeking were very stressful and disappointing for us, so I was happy not to have nothing about it any more... Now cic asks for these documents.... What can I do?
My first problem: I gave the wrong answer on the form (but indicated it in the personal history)
My second problem: I dont have any documents to show...
What can I do? Will my application be refused? Shall I tell the details like I did now to you? Do our application have any chance now?

Thank you so much for you answers in advance
My wife and I are very disappointed now

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It is always best to be honest. Remember the saying " Always speak the truth because you dont have to remember what you have said".

Anyways... Inform the cic like you have described here. But also try to tell them that since your family aplication was accepted, you thought your asylum application did not matter. Tell CIC that your asylum file has been closed bu the Berlin office since your status changed.

Good luck

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