Parents sponsorship after they were deported.

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Subject: Parents sponsorship after they were deported.
  I sponsored my parents a few years ago and I got approved as a sponsor from Mississauga office after 26 months. Now after 8 months in Rome office, my parents received their medicals and a letter asking them to apply for Authorization to Return to Canada because they are inadmissible and left Canada under e deportation order. (They left under their own will after overstaying visitor visa, and rejected as refugee claimants).I sent a fax to the visa office asking for clarification because I always thought they left under e departure order.
I wanted to know how serious is this?
What are their chances they will get this Authorization of return to Canada?
The embassy also asked for 400 cads. for application fee and 1500 cads. for transportation expenses paid by immigration. Copy of their passports and 2 pics.
Thanks for the advice.

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I think they will be fine since you are the sponsor now and your status is legal.
Almost Perfect!!
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You need to add some stuff as to how nice people they are. Have them join some clubs and prove same to the visa post. I suggest you go to a special doctor and get a letter how difficult it is for you to have your parents abroad etc. etc.

I think U wrote me but I have been real busy with the media lately. Sorry


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I just found Len´s question,I have similar case.To make long story short,
first I applied for refugee claims which was redjected with removal order on 25/October/2005,
after I applaied on Federal Court of Justice,decision "application for leave and judicial review is dismissed" on February/27/2006,
Applaied for PRRA july/13/2006,
Got married for canadian citizen on November/04/2006,
application for sponsorship had been approved on March/20/2007 and sent to CPC Mississuaga, few days after we got call from their office that application has to be done outside Canada, they recommanded Buffalo which they sent the application,
Medical test done right after,
Clereance List issued by RCMP also sent to Buffalo
Buffalo sent the letter "you were issued an Order to leave Canada" which I must leave couse they will put my application on hold,saying" Once you have submitted Certificate of Departure (IMM0056) you will then be required to apply for an Authorization to Return to Canada.
The fee for this authorization is $360.USD OR $400 CAD and will be requested when required.
I tried to contact them and they sent me an e-mail:

You must follow the instructions in the letter, in order for our office to continue processing the sponsorship file. Otherwise the file will be closed as there is nothing further we can do. Once your affect the departure, we´ll continue processing and inform you of the next steps. If you pass the statutory requirements in the file, you will then need an authorization to return to Canada. We will inform you when we get to that stage. You will not be permitted to return until the file is finalized. It could take anywhere from 3-6mths or longer depending on the contents of the file and the rate at which correspondence is exchanged.
I hope this provides you with some guidance

So have that works becouse I have wife,house,full time employmant and I just enrolled the school in Canada,so does anybody know how long is that in reallity or to know any similar case? Thanks


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