Adding my newborn to my spouse application

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Subject: Adding my newborn to my spouse application
  Hello my situation is as follow; when i applied to sponsor my wife she was 2 month pergnant and i send proof of the pergnancy with the application a copy of a ultrasound and all of its detail info that the doctor said in the report, but my question is how do I add my newborn to my sponsorship application so that when they give the ok to my wife my baby can come too, because the baby was born a month ago.

My application was acepted and now I am in the waiting period and it has been just over 7 months now and according to the visa office in charge of my country (Nicaragua) is a min. of 6 months to 1 1/2 years of waiting time (visa office in Guatemala). And i have faxed twice asking them how is my application doing but no reply whatsoever I have got from them.

any reply will welcome
thank you

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