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Subject: Bank Cahnged : Funds Proof
  Dear members,

My Time Line is:
Applied : [December 2001 (During the course many updates to CIC)]
Medicals: [February 2007]

Now waiting for PPR.

Thanks to all respected members who view and reply to these queries.

The problem is that I submitted the bank statement for four family members in 2003 as required by the CIC. Now I have transferred my all my funds to another branch of that bank. So what should I do immidiatley as CIC persons may make inquiry from that previous bank branch and there they would find that my account no more exists. They often require bank statement of three months which can not be provided until three months pass on.

Last of all is there any hope of receiving PPR in near future as there are almost six years already.

Thanks to all.

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It doesnt matter if you change your bank... You only have to provide a statement of balance or statement from your current bank.

You should land within 12 months. Your PPR will be sent in 6 months from date of medicals at the max. If it is more than that, e-mail them

Almost Perfect!!
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Thanks "Almost Perfect".

So... should I send them my bank statement of new account as soon as possible or I should wait for PPR along which they may ask for updated proof of funds.

I applied from Islamabad I would have to email to cic at Islamabad or some Head office in Canada, Where can I get the email for that purpose.

Thanks for your reply.

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