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Subject: E- CAS is Dead ##
  My E- Cas is almost dead, nothing has happened

I got my IA ,did medicals, sent documents requested , but absolutely nothing is updated on E - Cas

Only thing i see is we started to process your case on Nov 29 , 2005 ( Since last 20 months now ) and

then your case is transferred to detroit & detorit might contact u,

I have not yet applied for my CAIPS notes but this wait is killing me

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Nothing unusual for e-cas. It kept saying uptil a month ago for me that we started processing your case on ...... 2002. Interview scheduled for Jan 13 2005.

case transferred to LA, and LA......

So don´t worry.

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They don´t update the e-cas ... it is FROZEN for everyone ...

The secret to happiness in PR process is *** PATIENCE ***

Hang in there you are almost done .... think they are people who have just applied and have a long long way to go so RELAX and don´t think about it

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You must land within one year of medical examinations. Your case should be finalized in about 6 months from medicals. If it is longer than that time, contact CIC.

Detroit e-mail is re-detroit-im-enquiry@international.gc.ca

Almost Perfect!!
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my e-cas has never been alive
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