Its my turn to say "I got it"

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Subject: Its my turn to say "I got it"
  Today i received an e-mail from CIC Buffalo that they have sent me the PP request letter. Finally after 3 years anf 5 months of long wait, i finllay heard these magic word.
My timeline is below:

Applied: Jan 2004
AOR: Feb 2004
IA: October 2004 (interview waived)
First medical sent: Nov 2004
Nothing happened after that. Got CAIPS file twice.
Seems like, they took two years to complete my background clearance (I am from PAK).
Asked for second FBI FP: August 2006
Sent FBI FP: November 2006
Baby born: October 2006
Baby added to application and medical sent: Jan 2007
Asked for second medial for my and my wife: Jan 2007
Second medical sent: Feb 2007
E-mail received from CIC Buffalo: March 2007 telling that the file is with officer for final review.

Thanks for everybody help,

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Congratulations and thanks for sharing your timeline!
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Congrats Man , are you cuurently in Pak or USA,

just curious to know if one can more back to his own country after applying at bUffalo and not transferring the file for good

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Congrats...glad you made it, make the best out of this new opportunity and good luck.


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