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Subject: PLEASE ROY, help me!
  Roy, please give me a hand! I cannot find the answers for the following questions after a meeting my husband had with an immigration consultant.

1. Is it possible that some Canadian Embassies or High Commission in some countries DO NOT handle Provincial Denominations?

2. What is the difference between Skilled Workers with an Approved Employment Offer for permanent employment confirmed by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) and Federal Skilled Workers and Business applicants?

Check the process time in the country I am residing:

So, if we have arranged employment (my husband is a web designer) can be considered as Skilled Worker with an Approved Employment offer and the process time should be 6-12 months as the link provided states? I am lost as why the Federal ones takes so long (36-48 months!) and why the immigration consultant wants us to go that way.

Please some insights on this? Thanks!

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1. Every Visa post do PNP applications. got to the proper site to see processing times. and after crolling down on the right side follow the links to Provincial Nominee processing times.

2. Arranged employment is an offer of full time employment that your employer has received a Labour Market Oppinion that allows him to hire a foreign national. This gives you additional points regarding adaptability.

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Thanks Roy, but why does the Skilled Workers with an Approved Employment Offer for permanent employment confirmed by HRSDC takes as little as 6-12 months and the Federal one takes 3-4 years!????

Please advice, husband is a web designer. Which route is the FASTEST? (no work permit but permanent residency). Thanks!

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