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Subject: Want to leave Canada,please help
Long story short - came 5 years ago as a refugee,had a son,got married,refugee status was denied,separated from my husband because of domestic violance and filed for humanitarian.I have been waiting for over 2 years without work permit.Within the last 6 months after selling everything I had,I was forced to go on social assistance.Can´t live like this anymore.I called immigration they told me that I am welcome to leave any time I want.But I don´t have money for ticket or even to make my son´s passport,after I pay the rent there is about $150 left to live on.How do I get myself deported?I really can´t live like this anymore.
Please I am desparate for any advice
Thank you in advance

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isnt canada a great place ???
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Call your country´s embassy and ask for help.

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let me get this straight. You came here with a fake refugee claim, now you´re on welfare and you now want US to help you leave ?

You got here just fine, immigration is right, you are welcome to leave anytime you like, at your own expense

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First of all Richardson my claim wasn´t fake.If I was to lie I would have gotten my papers.I chose not to.Second the only reason I am on welfare is because they don´t give me work permit.What happen to the "humane" Canada,what happen to if your CANADIAN husband is beating the crap out of you and your CANADIAN CHILD call immigration,we will help you.I will be happy to work and leave at my own expense!
Thank you for your kind reply thou.

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well your claim was denied and now you appear to want to go back to the country that you were refugeeing from so how was it a legitimate claim?

now you are looking for a way to get yourself deported because you know the government will pay for the flights

by the way , a minor child cannot make a claim to citizenship apart from his or her parent as they are not legally able to either sponsor or otherwise enter into a legal contract. As you are not canadian and have been denied status, your childs citizenship is nullified.

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First I don´t want to go back to my country,I am going to a 3rd safe country.My child was born here,he is canadian,they can´t take his citizenship.What bugs me is that I worked every single day when I had my work permit,payed EI,payed CCP contributions,in total over 20 000.I don´t see why the government can´t pay $1500 for my ticket since they will keep this money and I will not benefit from them.They can also have some compation and speed up my humanitarian case since a minor is involved.Is NOT an unreasonable thing to ask since two years have passed already and I did everything in my power not to be on walfare and now I am living on tax payer money.When they denied me,removal order should have been in order.They decided that my case had grounds just doens;t have nexus for refugee.Why take away my work permit?Don´t get me wrong,I will love to live in Canada but the situation right now is very bad.I am sick of explaiing to my kid why he doesn;t have toys or eating once a day so I can buy him healthy food.I am 29,healthy female.Why make me stay on walfare when I can work?

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To offer a different perspective, no one is making you stay on welfare, and had you gone through the proper channels before getting here you wouldnt have gambled on the denial or approval of any work permits, or refugee status claims. Secondly you paid taxes while you worked like everyone else that is a citizen in the country. The country isnt going to pay for any legal citizen to fly there for free, so why should you be any different. Think of it this way, you started squatting illegally in an apartment building, and the landlord has said GET OUT!. Its not his/her obligation to find you a new place. Its yours. And frankly, I personally dont think Canada needs anymore people content to whine and complain about things, while leeching off our system. Write your mp, get off your ass and do something about it. Or as your doing, sit there and do nothing, but collect free money from the backs of hardworking Canadians.
Canada inhumane? or Canada finally standing up for itself and saying we dont OWE the people of the world anything.

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Shame on you for your reply!First off all I am not complaining about the taxes I payed.Never did I say that.CCP and EI are NOT TAXES.YOU are the one benefiting from that money not me.Get of my ass?Why don´t your governement give mr work permit then?I will git off my ass and probably be more productive resident that you.Proper channels - you obviously never even try to learn anything about the immigration system.I did come thru the proper chanels.Bottom line - ignorant reply.Get pist on somebody that have work permit and doesn´t work.
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i was very surprised by the horrible answers that this woman recieved from you guys , you have no heart and you think that the life is so easy for every body , who are you for judging people like that? do you know her story? some peole are not rich in this world , maybe just because them and their parent being honest or their life and honesty is not anough to make money , befor juging her look at your self who you are and think twice ,
for that anonymos lady i want to ask you what is the reason that immigration gave you to denied this work permit , try to get one and have a job and wait for your humanitarian , i know a case of a woman has been accepted and she was not a regular worker because she could not , she has a baby (for those who want to give a lesson) my seconde advise is , updait your aplication in sending new documents or try to find an association of woman protection to help you , they will , at least ask them to make you a letter says that you didn t recieve your papper work and you are very in need and add it to your application, i understand that a mama s boy who never had to deal with a hard ship will never understand you but me i do

humain right
rich person (in reply to: Want to leave Canada,please help)
Dear humain right
Pls do not talk about rich persons,I strongly believe : a rich person is not one who has the most but is one who needs least.
sin from 3 world


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