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Subject: appeal

I tried to sponsor my husband but got denied on the ground of IRPA paragraph 117(9)(d).

Am a PR here in Canada.. been here for almost 2 years. Applied as single though i got married to my husband (secret civil wedding- parents doesn´t know and not living together) 3 years before I got my visa. Did not change my civil status till I went back to marry him (again) before I applied to sponsor him hoping to ammend the previous error.

Question: if i apply for an appeal... Can I appeal for humanitarian consideration? what are my chances? is there any chance that it might affect my status here as PR?

Hope you can enlighten me on this as this is causing me too many sleepless nights.thank you.

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Hey SUPER question.

Depending in which city your in they now have three segments of the appeal division just because of this draconian legislation.

I have a client who was living in Asia without her Mother being sponsored by her Mother FC. The client was living with her Grandmother when at 17 she had a child. Two months later she was asked to sign some forms because she turned eighteen. CIC issued the visa and to prevent her mother from flipping out she got married to the child´s bilogical father.

Then later just like you she sponsored her immediate family. REUSED!!!!!!!!

She was excluded for two years due to misrepresentation. You did the same---you lied regarding dependents.

What you need is to go through a form of dispute resolution because it is unlikely you will re-offend all will be perfect in time. How long???? It is all about compassion and common sense.

Retain someone very good.


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Whoops I forgot to tell you the key is to get them to try and remove you. Appeal that and then re-sponsor husband.

Your husband is deemed not a member of the FC currently.

Hang in there.


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thank you very much ... but what do you mean by "key is to get them to try and remove you"- does that mean THEY can´t revoke my PR if I go through with this?

Again thank you... you´ve given me something to hope for.


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Am in VAncouver


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just curious what happened to this case now...

just want to know...

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