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Subject: Islamabad or London

I appriciate if some1 help me out.

I M working in Saudi Arabia since April 2003.
I m thinking to apply for immigration / skilled person.

Now the confusion is where from should i apply for immigration. My home country is pakistan and my current place is saudi arabia. i can apply from both countries. if i will apply from here then i have to submit my application to london, coz london office will serve application for saudi arabia and islamabad office will serve me if i will apply form pakistan.

Islamabad or London ?

what r the factors which will effect in future???

Thanks for your time.

Shahid Manzoor
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Since you´ve been legally admitted to Saudia and have been working there for over a year, you may apply at London. However, you must keep the CIC informed of your change in address if you move elsewhere.

In the future, if you move back to Pakistan, you must inform them of your new address. Then it will be at the discretion of the officer handling your case to forward it to Islamabad or keep your file at London. My experience says, your file will stay at London. However, this is not a guarantee.

Almost Perfect!!
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One factor you may look at is the time you?ll wait until you get your Initial Approvement (IA). If one office takes considerably shorter time than the other, then you may apply from that office. If both take almost equally the same time, it may be easier to apply from the KSA.
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Oye Shahid bhai, plz dont even think about applying from Islamabad. These days it take like 5 years for them to look at your file. I have applied through london and now i have the medicals request. This all took about 23 months. Good luck.


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i think theres not such a big diff between islamabad and london, but perhaps london may be quicker as they seem to be processing applications fairly fast at the moment - but still expect a 3-4yr wait.

its no guarantee if u move back to pakistan that your file will stay in london, i know 1 person from another messageboard who applied in london, moved to pakistan and changed her address and then her file was automatically transfered to pakistan without a request from her, so theres no guarantee that they will/wont transfer the file

the big burp
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Yoy might request to keep your address of correspondence in London even if you move to Pakistan. All these suggesstions are ´if´ you move to Pakistan. If you wanna stay in Saudi Arabia for the next 3- 4 Years, you dont have a problem.
Almost Perfect!!
ThX All (in reply to: Islamabad or London)
I appriciate all of your efforts to make up my mind.

I think LONDON is good option right now. I have no plan to go back to pakistan yet.

Thanks 2 U all.

Shahid Manzoor
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Apply from London but make sure you are able to get visa for london as if an interview is required then you will have to attend the interview in London. Because if you cant get the visa for london then in any case you will be required to transfer the file to Pakistan and get back in a long que.
Demand Draft (in reply to: Islamabad or London)
Hey All,

I m going to apply for immigration / skilled person inshallah soon.
i m apply from Saudi arabia, so i will apply with LONDON office.

Regarding Demand Draft. TO whom i refer it.

"Receiver General for canada"


"Canadian Consulate General, London"

or any other option.

and should we need to write "Pay against this checque: Full immigration processing fees"

Appendix A - London
Paying the fees
Consult the Instruction guide or the Fees section of our Web site to calculate your fees. Use a bank draft to the order of the Receiver General for Canada to pay the full immigration processing fees in Canadian dollars. Do not enclose cash.

Thanks 4 your time.

Shahid Manzoor
Transfer file from London To Islamabad (in reply to: Islamabad or London)
Hi All,

I M working in Saudi Arabia since Dec 2005.
Now i want to know that if i move back to Pakistan, then what will i do for transfer the file form London to Pakistan. what is actul process should i take.

Thanks to All

London operations (in reply to: Islamabad or London)
well I have applied under skilled worker from Pakistan to Federal Skilled Worker Centralized Intake Office

Sydney, Nova Scotia
after reviewing my file they transfer it to london office. with pin code. how much process they will take or how much chancing for approval??

best Regards