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Subject: Points for permanent employment on Post grad

I am post grad work permit (valid till next yr)and currently working on permanent bases. I had applied immigration 2 months ago to Buffalo with my old job but now i have got a job that is on permanent bases.

Can I update CIC Buffalo with my new job and claim 10 points under AE?

Will I get the 10 pionts under AE as I read this on CIC website :-

You are working in Canada on a temporary work permit
and your temporary work permit was exempted from the requirement of obtaining a labour market opinion of your job offer from HRSDC on the basis of an international agreement (e.g., NAFTA or GATS), a significant benefit to Canada (e.g., intra-company transfer) or public policy on Canada?s academic or economic competitiveness (e.g., post-graduate work);

you are currently working in that job;

the work permit was valid at the time you made your permanent resident visa application and at the time the visa, if any, is issued; and

your employer made an offer to employ you on an indeterminate basis once the permanent resident visa is issued.

IF any one can help who has the same situation like I do or has any info regarding this Please help me out??


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