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Subject: RCMP Report
I got my IA last week (timeline was Applied 2006 April, AOR May 2006, IA 2007 May) and Buffalo office has asked Medical, bank statement and PR fee.
They have not asked anything about RCMP. Can I go to the nearest RCMP center and do fingerprinting now or I have to wait till I get letter from Buffalo? As we all know that It takes really long time to reach to the Buffalo office.

Please shareyour views here if any senior members have gone through this process. Any suggestions will be great.

Thanks in advance!


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If they did not ask for extra documentation, dont provide them! They would ask you if they needed it. May be they did a background check on you and found you clean....May be they dont want your RCMP clearance...
Almost Perfect!!
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For Canada they usually do the RCMP name check. In some cases they ask for RCMP report. You have not been asked then you can relax as they do not ask everyone to provide the same.
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