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Subject: Medicals question

I filed for my PR to Canada over a year ago from the US, where I had been residing for a long time & I have just received my IA. I am currently in my home country, as my company has posted me here for a few months & I will be sent back to the US this summer. I have received my request to do medicals from CIC. Though I am able to re-enter the US at anytime, I do not want to travel there just to do the medicals.

1. Can I proceed to do my medicals from my home country?

2. Are the medicals done differently in Asia than from the US?

3. Apart from asking my doctor to mail my medicals to Ottawa, is there anything else that I need to inform my doctor?

Thank you for taking the time to read my questions. I would appreciate your responses to my questions.


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1. Find a designated medical practitioner in your home country and do your medicals. Tell him your situation and he will automatically forward your medicals to the relevant office, i.e., Ottawa.
2. Medicals for immigration are same everywhere.
3. You do not need to inform the doctor anything other than mentioned above.

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