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Subject: points for education-need help
  i did my graduation as aregular college student in 15 years(7years elementary-5years senior secondary and 3years for commerce graduation).i am also post graduate for 2 years duration but ihave done my post graduation on distance education(correspondance study).total number of years of study are 17 years.my spouse is also post graduate in commerce but she did 12 years as regular school going student and her graduation of 3 years and post graduation of 2 years are on the distance education basis from the university.now the question is that would i get 25 marks for my education and 5arks for my spouse education as we both have post graduation university degrees as well as equvalence certificate. please help me .
ashok kumar
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To my knowledge, you should have a regular master´s/post graduate to get full points. Distance education is not a fulltime education and I dont think you will get credit for it. However, you may be able to get the 5 points for spousal adaptation as she is a regular graduate even without considering her post grad.
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points for education-need help (in reply to: points for education-need help)
but it is given on the government of canada´s site that the applicant should have passed full time study or EQUIVALENT TO FULL TIME STUDY, it is defined on that site that if duration of study is same as regular or full time(which means duration should be same,e.g.3years for full time of graduation then it should be 3 years for study of part time or on accelerated basis).here i am confused what is the meaning of study equvalent to full time. in my case my duration for graduation and post graduation is same as 5years, please help me as i am bit confused.
ashok kumar
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As long as your distance learning course is recognized as equivalent to regular full-time course you should not have much problems. See page 14 of this manual.


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thans alot to all for giving guide and help on the topic of points of education,i will pray to god to bless those who helped me, once again very-2 thanks.
ashok kumar
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