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Subject: IELTS Scores
  My IELTS score was as following:

Listening: 6.5

Total band was 6.5

Is this sufficient to get the required points for the language ability?

I checked the table in the CIC web site

but I could not understand how the points can be calculated.

Please advise

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It is not specified exactly how much you should score on the IELTS for immigration purpose. However, you can calculate your points and see if you pass the total of 67.

Your scores show that you have moderate ability in all sections except speaking where you scored a high ability.

Add, 2+2+2+4 = 10, the points you on your IELTS. If you have 57 points before adding the IELTS, you are good to apply.

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I think I am having a situation here.

I already submitted my IELTS exam, and without achieving 12 in language, I will not be qualified. As you mentioned I achieved 10 only. Do you think if I re-take the exam and send it, will it add value?

Would they take into consideration that I work for an English speaking employer, and I use English on daily basis?

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If you submit another IELTS score before your initial assessment is done, the latest score will be considered.
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If I recall correctly, you can take IELTS once every three months. The time needed before evaluating your application varies from place to place. If you think you can take another exam before your application is evaluated, it may worth to take another exam.

By the way, if there are several IELTS centers in the area/country you are living; try to find a center that is more lenient in giving scores. For example, in the States, getting good scores in NY center is much more difficult than getting good ones in Philadelphia and Virginia centers. That would save you time, money and tension.

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Thanks guys,

Doing my math, they are supposed to start assessing my application after 4th of June. It is vague when precisely, so I will try to play the time game...

I am thinking to register for the next exam, and send them a letter with the exam registration papers/receipt, hoping somebody there is flexible enough to consider my new scores

If- God forbids- things go ugly, I will re-apply and wait for another three+ years!!! grrrrrr...

And Alex, as for the IELTS center, I believe you´re right, I was really shocked with my scores, I thought I did much better than that, but seemed I picked the "wrong" center.. :(. See guys, this is me myself and I writing English... do I sound that bad to be rejected because of my English capabilities?!

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some food for thought...

one of the biggest challenges people face when coming to Canada is language. If you cannot speak, read or write at a profficient level, it does not matter how good your education - a well paying job is difficult to find.

Use this score as a wake up call. Work hard to improve your english skills. It is the best thing you can do to prepare yourself for the Canadian job market.

If your do not get the language points you need, perhaps let it be a signal to you that Canada might be a challenge.

Don´t give up hope... just get busy!

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I do not think there is 3 months limit on IELTS anymore.
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I agree with Sharon word to word on this one! Guys, if you wanna immigrate to Canada, you should be able to speak ´their´ language in a manner that they will understand.

I say, talk a lot. People have no idea how much they catch up on language when they speak. Read a lot and discuss it with colleagues, relatives or friends. I know it can get embarassing but you will only gain in this deal. Another possible way; find friends for the purpose of speaking in English and hang out with them. Best way is to make friends who dont speak your mother tongue or regional language.

P.S: Watching movies or listening to music wont help improving language skills too much... speaking will.

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Thank you guys..

I live in a community where a big chunk of people here are native English speakers (Dubai). I am very comfortable with English and use it daily inside and otuside office. I use it with clients, colleagues, taxi drivers, physicians, bank clerks, etc.

I was really shocked with my scores, and I wouldn´t send them to CIC if I had known earlier it will lower my CIC scores. Is it because I chose the wrong center? I know people who barely speak the language, and they scored higher than I did.

Any ways, enough talking. Just today, I registered again for a second IELTS, wrote a letter to CIC explaining the situation and the expected date to submit my new result.

Guys wish me luck.

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I double checked and found that there is no 90-day policy any more.

*New Policy 90 Day Re-Take Rule*

From 1 May 2006 the policy on candidates re-taking IELTS will be amended. The restriction on re-taking IELTS within 90 days will be removed and candidates will be able to repeat the test whenever they wish.

The current restriction on repeating the test within 90 days at any centre will remain in place for all candidates until the end of April 2006. All candidates from 1 May will be able to repeat at the next available test, regardless of the date of their previous test.