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Subject: Police encounter
When I was in Canada about a year ago I did something I regret. I was visiting a friend of mine who I hadn´t seen in a while and we got very drunk. We got kicked out from a club and i was taken in custody by the police over night. They took my name ,date of birth and country of citizenship (Finland). I was released the following morning.

I wonder if I´m able to get back in to Canada again after this or if I´m "labeld for life".

//Anders Svensson

Anders Svensson
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if no formal charges were laid, I believe you have been forgiven and we will let you come back :)
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You were not convicted of anything so you should not have much problems.
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Was there any trial?

A person is innocent unless he is found guilty by court.

And why exactly did police take you? Being drunk is not a crime in itself. Driving drunk is a crime, attacking someone is a crime, etc.

If they just asked your name, date of birth and citizenship, but did not make copies of your documents (passport, driver´s license, etc.) it is unlikely that they have file on you.

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