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Subject: Demand Draft
  Hey All,

I m going to apply for immigration / skilled person inshallah soon.
i m apply from Saudi arabia, so i will apply with LONDON office.

Regarding Demand Draft. TO whom i refer it.

"Receiver General for canada"


"Canadian Consulate General, London"

or any other option.

and should we need to write "Pay against this checque: Full immigration processing fees"

Thanks 4 your time.

Shahid Manzoor
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One more thing: this is the information on website:

Appendix A - London
Paying the fees
Consult the Instruction guide or the Fees section of our Web site to calculate your fees. Use a bank draft to the order of the Receiver General for Canada to pay the full immigration processing fees in Canadian dollars. Do not enclose cash.

Shahid Manzoor
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Pay to the order of Receiver General of Canada and write the amount calculated.
Almost Perfect!!
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