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Subject: Mailing Passports from India
  It is illegal to mail passports from India, no fedex , DHL etc are willing to take this unless you want to say documents and send this- many have done this - but I do not think it is worth taking this risk. Besides after getting the passport stamped in US when the person boards for Canada would not the indian immgration authorities catch the person saying you never went to US but your passport has a stamping from US this means your passport travelled illegally?

NOW What?

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if somehow you manage to send passport to embassy but they will never send it back to INDIA. There should be a local address provided where they can send the passports back. Otherwise your passports will be lying with embassy and you will wait for them in India.
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You can send it to the US embassy and provide an address in US or Canada for collection. Indian immigration authorities are not going to cause a lot of problems in most cases, if they do, you can always say that you asked a friend to take it with him to US. A lot of people do it so no worries, though that does not make it right.
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Now what?... Hmm may be send you passport to US or forget Canada immigration. Its totally up to you, specially if you think Canada immigration is not worth the risk. Besides, your Canada visa will not say where it was stamped. Even if it did, it is like unwritten rule that you may send your passports to another country just for the sake of Immigration Visa stamping.

There are some countries where there is no Canada embassy and people immigrate from these countries as well. A lot of the Middle Eastern countries have to process their applications in London or elsewhere. What will these people do? I am sure they dont go to London to get their visas stamped!

Anonymous, it is illegal even if you send your passport out of the country with a friend. Governments of countries should cooperate with each other and allow passport mailing for the purpose of Visa stamping only. Or May be they should start a Government mailing service Which would bring your passport to the Embassy and returning at the door back home. This way, it can be ensured that this permission is not being abused.

Almost Perfect!!
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Almost Perfect: I also said the same thing "that does not make it right"
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I had my passports stamped in london without travelling to london. I had similar trouple with DHL, FED... ETC as no one willin to accept this passport. You can try anyone of below option.

You can Send passports by SPEED POST through our Goverment Post office,they charge you 800 RS and provide a tracking number,which can be tracked as DHL.It is legal to send passports to other country through Goverment services. You can tell them, they did mention in the receipt. It worked well for me.London CIC received my passports within 3days ,better than DHL and you can see the signature of the person who recived your documents which is not in other courier services.

If you think Goverment post office not reliable, go to Ministry of External affiars and explain the situvation. They will give you a letter permitting you to send passports abroad. DHL will accept your passports with this letter. I had a chat with DHL manger, when i was in similar situvation as you have now.

I had a probelm in chennai emigration ,as they could not able to find any visas to london.Immigration officer asked me ,how i got the canada visa satmped in london,without going there. Then, i have to explain the complete procedure how it works and presented COPR and CIC leters to convince him. It took 15mts to justify them.

Go ahead with any options as you like.

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