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Subject: work permit
  hi there,
I am australian citizen working in us for last 2.5 years in IT.
My close family moved to Saskatoon and I would like to do the same.
I found a job in building industry (I used to work in building industry before) and would like to apply for working permit and I have few questions about it:
1.can I get a permit at the port of entry long will it take to get the permit if I can not get it at the port of entry

thanks in advance

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Work permit applications have to comply with regulation 11. You can apply at the visa post for your country of nationallity or in any other visa post for a country that you have been legally admitted to for one year and are resideing in.

Most visa posts complete WP applications in a week or less.

You will probably need three years experience in your construction type occupation and if you have been working in the states in IT field for 2.5 years it will be a hard sell that you have the skill and desire to switch back.


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Thanks for your reply Roy,
what are my chances of going to Canada on visit (as Australian citizen I do not require a visa) and then find a job there and apply for work permit?

Thanks again,

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You may do so (find an employer), but keep in mind that you cannot change from a visitor status to a work permit from within Canada.

Once your employer goes through the "Labour Market Opinion" process and gets a positive comfirmation from HRDC, you may apply for a work permit from outside of Canada.

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so will I have to leave canada and then re-enter with a work permit?

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