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Subject: Very worried
I sent my passport to NY for stamping on the 2nd of May. On the 8th of May, the decision was made, I have still not received my passport back! What should i do? NY consulate web site says that they take 9 weeks to respond to a any inquiry!
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You will soon get your passport, Congrats.
It takes about 4-8 weeks for your passport to
come back. Wishing you happy landing.

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Thank You. But the letter said that they will definately mail my passport in 15 days- business days? If they even approved me on the 8th of May, they shoud have sent it by 23rd of may! I am in canada. my work permit expires in June 1, 2007.
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hey you, don´t worry, it will come! I am also in canada and this happened to me too and my passport got back to me in one piece with the shiny visa!
dont worry
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I really appreciate you advise, if i dont receiv emy passport by the first of june, am i considered illegal alien?

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