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Subject: How long more to wait
my wife sponsored me. My case was sent to Islamabad. They requested additional document which we send them on May 10, 2007. Since then no reply. Any idea how long more to wait.


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You must give more info. When did you first submit your application? Date of IA, AOR etc.
Almost Perfect!!
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my wife applied on October 25, 2006. Mississauga approved the case on December 12, 2006. Islamabad started processing on December 27, 2006. April 23 CHC-ISB sent a letter requesting additional documents. sent documents on May 8, 2007. waitinggg.......
Mohomad Bhai kaise ho ? (in reply to: How long more to wait)
Dear mparacha,

Aaslaam Valekum !!
If I am guessing it right, you are Mohomad Paracha from Pakistan who was in Hartford, USA.
I am Chirag from Marketing & Mgmt Dept, Barney.
How are you ? Bhabhi kaisi hai ?
We all were worried for you ?
Aapka phone bhi nahi chalta ?
I am here because even I am interested in applying for Canadian immigration.
Anyways, please send your email id atleast, you and I can be in touch regularly. My email id is ""
Even I am planning to immigrate to Canada, lets see how things go.
Chalo phir email pe baat karenge !
Khuda Haafiz !

Chirag from Hartford, CT

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