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Subject: FBI Clearance
  I am in Canada. I was in the states for 3 years earlier. Now I just received my interview waiver a month ago. I was wondering how do I go about getting FBI clearance from the USA and how long does it take. Whats the procedure? I went on FBI´s website they had written that it take 16-18 weeks for them to process the request. Is that true?


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Stop your worries regarding the long processing times to get the FI clearance. There are a few things which you should do to get the FBI clearance soon.

1. Get the finger prints taken by an authorized office
2. Make sure you write a deadline on the envelope when you send your finger prints for clearance. If there is no deadline, you may write the date which comes a month after you mail your finger print request.
3. It is very important to mail the request by a service which you can track.
4. Track the shipment and after it has been received at the docking station, send an e-mail to the FBI office requesting an expedited service with the deadline. Include your name, tracking number, receiver?s name, date on which it was received.
5. Their e-mail address is do@leo.gov
6. The last and the most important thing: DO NOT FORGET TO THANK ME AFTER YOU RECEIVE THE RESULTS IN 10 DAYS.

Good Luck ;)

Almost Perfect!!
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I followed the steps Almost Perfect mentioned few months ago and you know what? It did work! :)
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Well...you did not follow all the steps...You forgot step #6. ;)
Almost Perfect!!
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Mhhh thats funny ! he forgot #6, true !
Thank you Almost Perfect (in reply to: FBI Clearance)
I made sure not to forget step number 6


Blue Jay
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I tried the ´regular´ way by sending in the fingerprints 6 weeks ago, and I called a few days ago & they said that it´ll be about 10-12 more weeks. SOOOOOO...I´m trying your method...let´s see how it goes? I followed steps 1-3 & I´ll be sure to follow ALL THE WAY through to #6.

I sent it next-day with signature confirmation, but to show you how far out in the sticks the FBI is...next-day takes 2 days to get there...but the good thing is that if it takes 3, then I get my money back.

My wife & I were really disappointed last week, but hopefully I can give her a surprise.

Thank you so much for your advice!

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Ok...so I send it next-day (Express mail), and it actually was delivered the next day, HOWEVER...I received no signature confirmation, and following up today, I was told that they don´t do that...so that was nice. I was able to beg and plead for the receivers name from the local USPS, though.

Steps 4-5 completed...

Now waiting 10 days :0)

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To Almost Perfect (in reply to: FBI Clearance)

They finished the processing within 10 business days & I got the card back yesterday.

Now...do you know how to make the Canadian CIC process go through in 10 days?!?! :0)

Thanks again,
- Jason

missing my wife
To Almost Perfect (in reply to: FBI Clearance)

I specially logged in to this site to leave a thanks message for "Almost Perfect". I received the card today within my specified deadline of 15 days.

Thank you so much for specifying the steps to get the FBI clearance done in short time.


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I am in philippines i was in the states 6 month eirlier now my husbad almost got his permanate resident i want to all my paper is ready how i get my fbi clearance