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Subject: Request for passport!! Confused
  Hey I am sponsoring my husband from India. The CIC has requested for his passport. Could someone help me understand this situation.

We made our application at the end of March. The online system does not answer anything. All it says that medical reports are in process.

1. If my husband has received a letter from CIC-India requesting for his passport, what does that mean?

2. Does it mean he has got the immigration or not?

3. If not then why would they request for the passport?

Please reply

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it means that they are in the final stages of approving your husband´s PR.
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Hey Sharon

Thanks for the prompt response.

My husband and I currently reside together in Canada an hence we want to avoid the issue of being seperate for longer intervals. We are really on a high of our relationship and it would really suck to be away from each other for more than 2 weeks.

Since you mentioned that it is on the final stages of the PR approval does that mean he needs to go down to India and mail his passport from there since they also requested for his Indian mailing address?

And in your opinion how long would this process take?

Your response would help.

Thank you

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You can mail passport through some reliable mailing service and give them mailing address in India. You have been asked to provide mailing address in India as it is illegal to mail your passport out of country and also cause of jurisdictions issues.
Request for passport!! Confused (in reply to: Request for passport!! Confused)
Thanks for your replies.

So my next questions are;

1. Can my husband stay with my in Canada without his Indian passport while it is in India for stamping? His parents can mail the passports to Canada on a later date to Canada and he can exit Canada and re-enter then!
Is the above a good or bad idea?

2. How long does the stamping process take in CIC-Delhi?


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1. Yes your husband can stay in Canada without his passport in most circumstances, though it is not advisable to do so. Once he gets the passport he can do the landing.
2. If all the processes have been completed then few weeks.

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Thanks alot for ur help.
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Be careful as some people have been having trouble getting their passports mailed back to Canada. There are issues with passports being carried in the hands of other people and someone else was recently trying to find a carrier for a passport from India without much luck. A family member had picked up the passport from the Embassy, but couldn´t get any carrier to agree to take it for transport back to Canada.
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Think about this for a minute....

Business documents are sent from India to Canada, or the reverse, everyday, by commecial courier companies like DHL, FedEx, or UPS.

Air shipments take 2 days. Pay for a professional courier to do the job, not your Uncle.

I can´t believe how cheap some people are, when it comes to such an imporatnt matter.

Jim Bunting. Toronto.

Canadian Citizen
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