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Subject: Emigrating from US
  Hi all,

My husband and I were born in the US and are US citizens. We want to emigrate to Vancouver. Does anyone have experience with immigration from the US to Canada? We qualify under the Skilled Worker guidelines, and I speak French as well. Any experience with US-Canada immigration would be helpful- and I´d also like to get an idea of how long the process will take from initial submission.


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Start here;


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Yes, well... obviously. Thanks, though!
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Skilled worker aps can take from 2-5 years. There´s a forum available on the internet wher eyou can ask questions and get info specific to immigrating from the States on an SW ap. It´s at http://www.immigration.ca/discussion/forum.asp?FORUM_ID=
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Sorry - http://www.immigration.ca/discussion/forum.asp?FORUM_ID=4
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Hi, Nora,

I applied from Ohio with my wife and I think it took about 18 months; you can get an idea of how long it currently takes by reading this forum. I landed in Nova Scotia last September, and we are planning to emmigrate to Vancouver Island this September, after I leave my job and sell our house. Vancouver is beautiful but very expensive, a couple times more than Vancouver Island; of course there are many more jobs in Vancouver, depending upon your occupations.We bought a house on the Island in 2005, which we are glad we did, as prices have rapidly escalated, so you might visit Canada and look into homes and prices before they get too steep, though some data says that prices may begin to fall, at least in certain places. At any rate it has been a great adventure for us, and I encourage you to embark on your dreams and take the plunge. You´ll find much info on this forum in regard to the medical and other stuff, and you can also look up past stuff. (We selected the West Coast of Canada because it is warmer than Ohio in the winter, rarely is there much snow, and cooler and less humid in the summers, and extraordinarily beautiful) Good luck!


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Thank you for the forum address, Rob! I will look around there.

Thanks, Bob, for sharing your experiences. So you are still living in Ohio, but you were able to do paperwork in Nova Scotia? Or are you living in Nova Scotia? When you applied, did you apply to move to Nova Scotia or to Vancouver? I ask because I would think that many immigrants want to go to Vancouver, and am not sure if the destination listed on your paperwork affects your application.

We are currently in New York, so at least we won´t get "sticker shock" about the house prices in Vancouver! We´ve been doing some (very preliminary, obviously) looking online at different areas of Vancouver... I will look into Vancouver Island, too- thanks!

Best of luck with the house sale....


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A few points.....

Immigration to Canada from the USA is quite common, there are about a million Americans now living and working in Canada.

When you apply, it is to enter the country, not a specific city or Province in Canada. Nova Scotia is like West Virgina, poor but senic, with many young people leaving to go to Ontario or the west for work. Not much industry in NS and there are only two cities of any size there. Fishing and framing and coal mining are the main jobs.

British Columbia is a Canadian version of California, with the same kind of wet weather as Washington state, but with the California kind of mental attitude. Lots of people went there in the 60´s, and are now the aging boomers, who still wear tie died clotthes and are back to the landers, in their heads at least. BC is the capital for the left wingers and the dope growers, back up in the mountains. Vancouver is a beautifull place to live BUT it is VERY expensive to live there. Homes there have crazy prices and it isn´t my cup of tea ( herbal or not ).

Depending on your employment skills, you may want to look at Alberta, where the gas and oil sector is crying for ALL kinds of people, so much so that the Provincial Government is doing job fairs in Europe to attract more skilled workers, to come to Canada. Alberta has a 200 year supply of oil under the ground that is all ready proven to beat the middle east by millions of barrels of high quality product. No shortage of high paying jobs there. Even a job at Mc Donalds in Fort Mc Murray pays $14 an hour, with benefits. Yes fourteen a hour to serve hamburgers, because the city is isolated, and there is a shortage of workers, even for menial jobs.

Need more info? Ask me here.

Jim Bunting. Toronto.

Canadian Citizen
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I´m from the UK and would consider emmigrating to Michigan in the future. Im here right now for a few months, would like to live here permanently one day.
I thought to move anywhere, you´ll only get accepted if you are especially skilled at something, i.e. have a degree? Or could you actually get a job in a place like McDonalds? (I know you can get accepted by being married to an American too, but thats out of the question for me).

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