Can I obtain a SIN?

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Subject: Can I obtain a SIN?
  I was just wondering if someone could help me. I have been in Canada for 2 years, I entered on a study visa, which has now expired. I married my now wife in 2006 (she is a Canadian citizen).

As things stand right now I am still in Canada but unable to work legally. I am working under the table to provide for my wife and baby (not legal I know but I don´t have a choice). My wife is going to sponsor me under the family sponsor, so I can have PR.

Is there anyway to get a SIN number so I can work legally. I have tried to get one before, but because I have no status I can´t. I cannot afford the cost of the application right now...I only have to get a medical then I can send of my papers for PR under the spouse sponsorship.

So basically I just want to ask what would be the most logical thing to do at this point? Can I obtain a SIN, maybe with a temporary residency visa or something? Basically I just need to be able to work so my family can eat, I don´t think that is too much to ask.

Thank you.

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No you can´t.

IF you apply as a family member from within Canada, once you are approved in principle then you may apply for a work permit and a SIN number.

Try to work in your status as soon as you can, if you get caught is going to be more expensive.

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I have to ask this........

Your WIFE is a Canadian citizen? What is stopping her from working ? You can stay home and care for the kid, she works to support the family. Is that so hard to do?

Follow the rules, please. Canadians don´t like people who cheat the legal/immigration system, as you have admitted to doing .

Jim Bunting. Toronto.

Canadian Citizen
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The fact that my wife is still pregnant kind of hinders things, who is going to employ a pregnant person?

It´s not like I want to break the rules, I tried everything not to. The legal and immigration system is so screwed up, not many people have a choice.

I do not mean this next comment to be in a any way racist, or derogatory to any people of different ethnicity. But if I was from a country less fortunate than the U.K. I would have been given pretty much everything. I was surprised by how little being from a country that is part of the commonwealth has helped me. This seems to be a general opinion among my friends and family members, and random people.

Now I have to splash out for a medical for the spouse sponsorship program, which is like $500. Then they expect your spouse to support you for all that time, on one income (that´s not including children). We could barely pay the rent and bills, so how the hell can we have $500 spare? It just seems like we are getting dumped on by the immigration system.

Thank you for all you replies though, much appreciated.

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