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Subject: e-CAS Status
  Can anyone please let me know how many stages in e-CAS status shown during the entire Skilled worker PR process. I know "In Process" and "Decision Made". Is there any intermediate status other than those two? If yes, what is it and when it is shown?

Any CIC website link that describe above stages for skilled worker PR apllications? I saw the detailed e-CAS stages for family and spouse applications on CIC web site but not for the skilled PR applications.

BTW, my uncle who had an intervew at CHC New Delhi on 22 May 2007 is still waiting for an official communication and in the mean time his e-CAS staus changed to "Decision Made" on May 28, 2007.

Are there any cases where the e-cas "Decision Made" right after interview but before medicals turned out to be successful applications?

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There are actually three.

a)In process
b)Decision made
It is updated through FOSS once the applicant arrives in Canada and becomes a PR.

You can check it a month (or three weeks) after you arrive in Canada

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What is FOSS ?

Any CIC/other website link that details above 3 steps you mentioned.

Based on above, can I still expect a positive outcome on my Uncle´s case?

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FOSS: Field Operations Support System. Used by Citizenship and Immigration / CBSA in Canada.

I don´t know what to tell you about your uncle, "Decision made" it means that the officer has finalized the application.

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Thank you for the reply.

e-CAS "Decision Made" is really vague. They should have specified the Decision. God knows when my uncle will receive the letter from CHC? Any idea how long it takes them to mail the letter?

Is the Medical exam part of "In -process" stage within e-CAS? If yes, then I would think My uncle´s case is rejected.

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Decision made can mean a lot of things. In your uncle´s case it can mean a decision to issue medicals has been made or the case has been rejected since it changed to "decision made" before medicals. Also, e-CAS screws up a lot. You will have to wait for the official letter.

e-cas changes to medical received once your medicals are received at the embassy but not in all cases.

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Decision made doesnt mean anything other than on the application.

However, yes, e-cas does mess up with information sometimes

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"Decision Made" on e-CAS means "Selection Decision" or "Final Decision" ?

I was reading info regarding "CAIPS" that said there are 7 stages during processing of files including PS decision, Selection Decision, Medical Decision, Final Decision etc.

The question in my uncle´s case, e-CAS "Decision Made" is "selection decision" or "Final Decision" ?

Any guess?

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I awaiting after e-CAS "Decision Made" however i have received no information as yet.
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My ecas status shows application received. What does it mean?
I´m Pakistani but my permanent resident application in CIC London visa office. Does my application take 11 months for processing?

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